1933 National Air Races

The 1933 National Air Races moved back to Los Angeles CA at Mines Field,
home of the 1928 races. Cliff Henderson, managing director trimmed the
event down to four days by eliminating the Derbies and ATC races.
The Bendix transcontinental would fly from East to West for the first
departing from Floyd Bennett Field NY

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The Bendix Race attracted no less than ten entries including two women pilots,
Amelia Earhart and Ruth Nichols. The only bi-plane entered was the Laird
Solution which had been highly modified. Two new aircraft, the Vance Flying
Wing and the Seversky SEV-3 were on the aircraft entry list. 

         Vance flying wing.jpg (40153 bytes)            Seversky Anphib .jpg (70285 bytes)
            Vance flying wing                                   Seversky Sev-3

       #77 Modfied Laird Sol .jpg (96188 bytes)
            Modified Laird Solution

#2 Turner Wedell '33 .jpg (223131 bytes)                                  Jimmy Wedell #44-'33.jpg (229335 bytes)                                                   
                                           Roscoe Turner #2   
                                                          Jimmy Wedell #44                                             



Bendix Trophy Race

  Place         Pilot   Race No        Aircraft    Time
      1 Roscoe Turner       2     Wedell Williams       11.30
      2 Jimmy Wedell      44     Wedell Williams       11.58
      3 Russ Boardman      11       Gee Bee R-1          1.
      4 Russ Thaw       7       Gee Bee R-2          2.
      5. Amelia Earhart      88   Lockheed Vega             3.
      6. Ruth Nichols     112   Lockheed Orion          4.
      7. Lee Gehlbach      92   Wedell Williams          5.
      8. Arthur Knapp      77   Laird Solution          5.
      9. Alex de Seversky        ------   Seversky SEV-3          5.

1. Fatal crash in Indianapolis IN
       2. Ground looped in Indianapolis IN  
      3.Out at Wichita KS                      
     4. Forced landing New Bethel IN    
     5. Did not start                             



                                                                     Shell 3-Kilometer Speed Dash                                                            

           Men's Trophy             Women's Trophy
          Roscoe Turner               No entries


Aerol Trophy

1929 Aerol Trophy.JPG (308514 bytes)


     Aerol Trophy Race 

Place           Pilot Race No        Aircraft   Av.Speed
   1  Mary Haizlip       92   Wedell-Williams      168.2
   2   Marty Bowman       54     Gee Bee Y       161.7
   3  Gladys O'Donnell      ----      Waco       134.0
   4     H Summer      ---     Travel Air      129.9

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                                                                                                    Thompson Trophy Race                                                                                                                                         

Place       Pilot   Race No        Aircraft   Av.Speed
    1   Jimmy Wedell   44    Wedell Williams      237.9
   2     Lee Gehlbach    92    Wedell Williams      224.9
   3     Roy Minor  38 Howard Special          199.8
    4   George Hague    1   Keith-Rider R-2        183.2
    5      Z D Granville  154 Gee Bee Model Y      173.0
    6     Roscoe Turner    2   Wedell Williams   Disqualified

       Roscoe Turner actually won the race at a speed of 241.0 and was awarded the
Trophy  when  a race  official declared he was disqualified. Turner had gone
    inside of pylon #2 but kept going for safety reasons (heavy traffic at the pylon)
        however he re-circled pylon #2 on the next lap and regained the lead. The Trophy
    was awarded to Jimmy Wedell.

Jimmie Wedell '33 .jpg (134149 bytes)

Jimmy Wedell

    #44 Red & Black.tif (4640174 bytes)


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