Place       Pilot  Race No       Aircraft  Speed
    1   Frank Fuller       77  Seversky -S2  282.100
    2   Arthur Bussy       39  Bellanca 28-92  244.486
    3   Paul Mantz       23  Lockheed Orion 9-c  234.875
    4   Max Constant       31  Beechcraft D-17w  231.570
    5   Arlene Davis       51  Spartan Executive  196.842
    6   William Maycock       66  Beechcraft D-17s  187.186
 DNS  Jacqueline  Cochran       13  Seversky AP-7  


Greve Trophy Race

The  Cleveland  Pneumatic Tool  Company  was  once again the sponsor of 
the  LOUIS  W.  GREVE  TROPHY  RACE.  20  laps on a 10 mile  course.  
George Byars in the Keith Ryder "Eight Ball" was unable to start due to        
 engine problems. Lee William's, flying the Brown B-2 "Miss Los Angeles"      
 experienced  an engine failure while turning into the scatter pylon, stalled and
   crashed fatally. Art Chester in the brand new Chester "Goon" was off first and
 well into the lead with the aid of the French Ratier two position propeller.       
    Tony LeVier in the Schoenfeld "Firecracker" passed Chester on lap six and      
lead the race till lap 11 but had to retire due to a magneto problem.               
   Harry Crosby was unable to retract his landing gear and officials flagged         
 him off the course starting lap 11. Art Chester, with no competition opened    
 the throttle of the Menasco C-6S4 winning the race, setting a new record.      


 Place     Pilot  Race No      Aircraft    Speed
    1.  Art Chester       5    Chester"Goon"  263.39   
  DNF  Tony LeVier     70    "Firecracker"        2
  DNF  Harry Crosby     52     Crosby Cr-4        3
  DNS  George Byars     18    "Eight Ball"        4
  DNF  Lee Williams     33  "Miss LosAngeles"        5

                                     2 Out lap 11
                                     3 Out lap 12
                                     4 Not able to start
                                     5 Crashed fatally



Crosby CR-4


   Thompson Trophy Race


    Thompson_color_small.jpg (4318 bytes)


 The race course remanded the same 30 laps for 300 miles.                           
There  were  no new  racers entered for  this year. Earl Ortman had installed
a new three  blade constant speed propeller hoping to beat Turner who had    
recorded a lap at 299 mph. Tony LeVier's "Firecracker's" engine had been      
 soup up  to over 500 hp, estimated capable of 350 mph. Due to heavy rains    
the races were postponed to Tuesday which kept attendance down. Seven     
planes  were off and headed to the scatter pylon, Turner was fourth off  and    
Tony  LeVier moved into the lead by lap five, followed  by Art Chester in the
 "Goon".  Earl Ortman was next in his Marcoux-Bromberg. Turner had a slow
take-off and was in fourth place. Steve Wittman cut the scatter pylon and was
penalized a full lap. Turner came up from forth to take the lead from LeVier in
the ninth lap. Art Chester who was in third place developed engine trouble in
the  eighteenth lap and retired.  Earl Ortman took over third place and  Harry
Crosby finished forth with Steve Wittman only able to take fifth place after a
great effort to get back in the money.  Joe Mackey flying Turner's old Wedell
 William's finished last.  Days before the Thompson was run, Hitler marched
into  Poland  and  World War II was beginning.  Also  the Thompson  Trophy
deed of gift  had expired and  here was no more prize money or plaques.


 Turner Laird #29                                                                                     LeVier Firecracker  


                 Earl Ortman's Marcoux-Bromberg                                                                Harry Crosby CR-4                          


Wittman Bonzo                                                                                                     Joe Mackey


Chester Goon


  Place        Pilot  Race No      Aircraft     Speed
      1      Turner      29    Laird-Turner    282.536
      2  Tony LeVier      70    Schoenfeldt    272.538
      3  Earl Ortman       3    Marcoux    254.435
      4  Harry Crosby      52    Crosby CR-4    244.522
      5  Steve Wittman       4   Wittman Bonzo    241.361
      6  Joe Mackey      25    Wedell-Williams    232.926
    DNF  Art Chester       5   Chester Goon        

1. out 18th lap 


Photos are from the Likovetz and Hansen collection unless otherwise noted.

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