October 20, 1934 – Mildenhall, England, to Melbourne, Australia = 11,300 mi.


Speed Division

1. Scott and Campbell Black               34 deH.88 Comet  G-ACSS                           65:24:13

2. Parmentier and Moll                       44 Douglas DC-2  PH-AJU                            81:10:36

3. Turner and Pangborn                        5 Boeing 247D  NR-257Y                         85:22:50

4. Cathcart-Jones and Waller              19 deH.88 Comet  G-ACSR                           93:32:50

5. Hewett and Kay                              60 deH.89 Dragon Rapide  ZK-ACO    106:51:28


Handicap Division

1. Scott and Campbell Black               34 deH. 88 Comet  G-ACSS                          +1:56:47

2. Parmentier and Moll                       44 Douglas DC-2  PH-AJU                           - 9:52:36

3. C.J. Melrose                                    16 deH.80 Puss Moth VH-UQO      -12:32:14

4. D. & K. Stoddart                                   14 Airspeed A.S.5 Courier G-ACJL     -12:46:54

5. McGregor and Walker                    2 Miles M.2F Hawk Major G-ACXU -15:57:58

6. Hewitt and Kay                              60 deH.89 Dragon Rapide  ZK-ACO    -18:56:52

7. Hansen and Jensen                            7 Desoutter Mk.II  OY-DOD               -20:59:45


Failed to Finish

Asjes, Geysendorfer, Prorik                 6 Pander S.4 Panderjager  PH-OST      out Allahabad

Davies and Hill                         15 Fairey F.III   G-AABY                         out Cyprus

H.L. Brook and Miss Lay                31 Miles M.3 Falcon                              arr. 11/20/34

Wright and Polando                                    33 Monocoupe  NC-105W                     out Calcutta

Parer and Hermsworth                 35 Fairey Fox I G-ACXO                      arr. 2/13/35!

Jackie Cochran and Smith                     46 R-6H “Q.E.D.”  NX14307                out Bucharest

G. Shaw                                               47 Klemm B.K.1 Eagle G-ACVU         out Bushir

Stack and Turner                          58 Airspeed A.S.8 Viceroy G-ACMU  out Athens

H.D. Gilman                                         62 Fairey Fox I G-ACXX                fatal, Foggia

Jim and Amy Mollison                       63 deH.88 Comet  G-ACSP                         out Allahabad


Failed to Start

Wolf Hirth and Herman Illg                     1 Messerschmitt Bf-108A D-ILIT    

G.E. Lowdell                                          3 Airspeed A.S. 6 Envoy  G-ACVI

Jack Frye and H. Hull                           4 Douglas DC-2 N

I.W. Smirnoff or G. Frijns                     8 Fokker F.XXXVI  PH-AJA

James Granger                                        9 Keith Rider R-3 NR-14215

Michel Detroyat                                   10 Lockheed 9D Orion  F-AKHC

Franklin Rose, W. Varney                   11 Lockheed 9 Orion “West Wind” N

J. deSibour                                           12 Couzinet 150  F-ANEX

Corniglion-Molinier and L. Challe   13 Wibault 366  F-ANEM

Andrè Gueit                                          17 Caudron C.530 Rafale  F-ANAM

Freton and Chanteraine                  18 Potez 39  F-

Wiley Post                                            20 Lockheed 5C Vega “Winnie Mae” NR-105W

Salvador Farre                                     21 Percival P.1B Gull Mk.IIA 

Lindholm, Lindow and Serander             22 Northrop Delta 1C “Halland” SE-ADI

I.W. Smirnoff or G. Frijns                   23  Fokker F.XXII  PH-

William Courtenay                                24  deH.60 Gypsy Moth G-A

                                                            25  Wedell Williams 303  N-

D.E. and K.E. Stodart                         26  Airspeed A.S.5 Courier  G-ACVF

A.M. Murad, V.L. Chandi                 27  deH.83 Fox Moth VT-AEJ

Kingsford-Smith, Taylor              28  Lockheed 8E Altair “Lady Southern Cross”  VH-USB

Fitzmaurice and Bonar               29  Bellanca 28-70  “Irish Swoop”  EI-AAZ

Jackie Cochran, Smith, Leonard            30  Northrop Gamma 2-G  NC-13761

R.F. Lape and H. Lyon                        32  Lockheed 9D Orion  NR-14209

J. Woods, D.C.T. Bennett             36  Lockheed 5C Vega “Puck”  G-ABGK

P. Clough and D. Wehman                  37  Cessna AW  NC-7107

S.S. Kirsten                                          38  Short Scion   G-

deSales and Lacomb                                    39  Bernard 84 GR  F-AKEX

C. Cudell Goetz                           40  Comper Kite  G-ACME?

W.J. Cearns                                         41  deH. 60GIII Moth Major   G-

I.W. Smirnoff or G. Frijns                   42  Fokker F.XVIII  PH- 

Savill, Jones, Miss Bradford              43  Harkness & Hillier

Murray B. Dilley                            45  Vance Viking  NR-12700

Russell Hosler                                       48  Hosler B (NR-14Y)

Ruth Nichols                                         49  Lockheed 8D Altair  NC-13W

Hutchinson, Redpath, Vance              50  Vultee V.1A  NR-13770

Bacula and Passaleva                                 51  Savoia Marchetti SM.79P  I-MAGO

Lady Keith Miller                           52  Airspeed A.S.5B Courier  G-ACLF

Laura Ingalls                                         53  Lockheed 9D Orion  NR-14222

Manotte, Quatremare, Maillard            54  Bleriot 111/6  F-ANJS

Ernie Everson                                       55  Waugh & Everson Evo III 

H.C. Johnson and G.A.V. Tyson   56 Airspeed A.S.6 Envoy  G-

Frank Hawks and Louise Thaden 57  Beech A-17FS Staggerwing  NR-12569

A.S. Butler                                           59  deH. 84 Dragon  G-

Lombardi and Suster                           61  Caproni (Bergamaschi) P.L.3  I-TALY

George Pond and H.W.G. Penny   64  Vultee V-1A                           


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