SARH Archives

The Air Racing History Archives

                     The following lists of pilots, airplanes and air races are but an outline of a planned Archives of
             air racing information.

                    It is the hope of the Society of Air Racing Historians that each of the thousands
             of listed items will eventually be expanded into a mini-history, with data sheets, historical narrative,
             photos, magazine artiCles, etc., added to create a complete picture.

                   If you would like to participate in this largest collection of air racing information, please contact
             the Society, giving your qualifications and special areas of interest.

                                       Pre-war race pilots                                                                              

                          Gordon Bennett Races Airplanes

                           Schnieder Cup Races Airplanes  

                           Pulitzer Trophy Races Airplanes

                                Kings Cup Races Airplanes

                            Coupe Deutsch Races Airplanes                  

                               National Air Races Airplanes

                            Pre-war long distance raceplanes

                              Post WW II Unlimited Aircraft

                                 Post WW II Midget Aircraft

                                Sport & Racing Biplane Class

                                           AT-6 Class

                                        Stockplane Class

                                   Chronology of Air Races

                               A Concise History of Air Racing

                                  Historic Racing Airplanes

                                           Speed records

                                     Pilots of Midget Racers





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